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Variety and Excitement As Standard

All our tours are of two weeks’ duration in Welsh Patagonia and include quite a number of standard elements, some elements specific to the festival being celebrated and some elements specific to the season of the year. 

Festivals of Patagonia

If you want to come to Patagonia to celebrate one of the Welsh festivals, then these are the main ones.

Welsh Experience Tour

An historical tour following the footsteps of the pioneers.

Agricultural Tour

A  tour of Welsh Patagonia that includes many visits to Welsh and non-Welsh farms.

Family Tour

A specially organized tour for family groups.

And, while you're here, there are plenty of other special tours and activities you can take  advantage  of,  including  our  own  special  excursions.  These  take  you  to  the Patagonia that the tourists never see:

  • Ascent to the Torrecillas Glacier

  • Travelling inside a mega volcano

  • Experiencing the Carretera Austral in Chile

  • Meeting the dinosaurs 

  • Floating the Rio Rivadavia

  • Sampling the Wine Route of Chubut 


And popular activities for which Patagonia is well known:

  • Whale and Penguin watching

  • Horse riding

  • Trekking (on the western side of Welsh Patagonia)

  • White water rafting

  • Fly fishing

  • Skiing and snowshoeing


Please remember, our seasons are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere, with November to February being the summer months and June to August the winter.

 How much does it all cost?

For most people, the most important question of all. Firstly, we price everything in US Dollars, because most of the service providers base their charges on the exchange rate between the Argentinean Peso and the US Dollar. In 2022, a typical two-week itinerary in a comfortable and ultra-modern 4x4, covering about 3,000 kilometres and visiting all the main Welsh places of interest, assuming two couples, would be US $3,400 per person (about £2,600), including all accommodation, transport, entry fees and more than half your meals. Prices vary according to the season and annual inflation means that these prices rise by 15% or so each year.

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Travelling in Style

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