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Festivals of Patagonia

If you want to come to Patagonia to celebrate one of the Welsh festivals, then these are the main ones.

 *  Tours  to  festivals  marked  with  an  asterisk  were  originally  pioneered  by  Welsh Patagonia. Until we talked to the organisers and made arrangements with the Welsh community,  pretty  much  nobody  outside  Patagonia  had  any  idea  that  these  events existed.   Of   course,   Welsh   Patagonia   still   has   a   special   relationship   with   the organisers  of  these  festivals  and  is  regularly  involved  with the  development  of  the programmes  for  the  festivals.  And  it  goes  without  saying  that guests  travelling  with Welsh  Patagonia  always  receive  special  treatment  from  the  festival  organisers.  

Patagonia Celtica* 

Usually at the end of February. he event  runs  from  Friday  to  Sunday  with  some  side  events  in  Trevelin  and  Esquel; showground  with  multiple  stages  and  specialised  tents;  artistes  from  most  Celtic communities, especially Galicians; always lots of fun and opportunities to mix freely with  the  artistes;  accommodation  in  the  Andes  region  split  between  Esquel  and Trevelin.

Trevelin  Eisteddfod  and  Plebiscite  Anniversary*

The  event  is  usually  held  at  the nearest  weekend  to  30  April,  the  anniversary  of  the  1902  Plebiscite  in  Trevelin; compulsory  qualifying  competitions  on  Thursday  and  Friday  mornings  and  the  main event   on   Friday   and   Saturday;   bilingual   (Welsh   and   Spanish)   festival,   with competition detail  published well in advance; everyone welcome to compete; many competitors from Gaiman, Trelew and Porth Madryn; town dinner on Saturday night after Eisteddfod closes; Cymanfa Ganu on Sunday; important Welsh event at School 18  outside  Trevelin  on  30  April,  followed  by  a  Welsh  concert  in  the  evening;  an important event for the town, not just for the Welsh community; accommodation in the Andes region in Trevelin.

Gŵyl  y  Glaniad

At  the  end  of  July –  5  nights  in  Porth  Madryn,  with  excursions  to Gŵyl  y  Glaniad  events  in  Gaiman  and  Trelew;  full  participation  in  events  in  Porth Madryn  on  28  July;  high  point  of  sea  life  season,  with  Southern  Right  Whales, elephant  seals,  seals/sea  lions  and  penguins;  it  is  also  Porth  Madryns  birthday celebration,  with  a  number  of  associated  events;  always  a  Welsh  tea;  there  are opportunity to ski, snowboard  or snowshoe in  Esquel; accommodation  in the Andes region in Esquel.


Eisteddfod  y Bobl Ifanc  (Eisteddfod  del  Juventud)  

In  mid-September  in  Gaiman –similar arrangement to the Chubut Eisteddfod, but on a smaller scale.

Chubut  Eisteddfod  

Usually  in  the  third  week  of  October –  the  biggest  Welsh cultural festival in Welsh Patagonia, with many international tourists; held in Trelew; Gorsedd  procession  on  Thursday  morning  followed  by  ceremony  at  the  Gaiman Gorsedd  Stone  Circle;  compulsory  qualifying  competitions  earlier  in  the  week  and the  main  event  on  Friday  and  Saturday;  bilingual  (Welsh  and  Spanish)  festival,  with competition detail  published well in advance; everyone welcome to compete; many competitors from Esquel, Trevelin and Porth Madryn; Cymanfa Ganu on Sunday and possible fundraising event for Ysgol yr Hendre  on Sunday; high season for sea life in and around Bae Newydd; accommodation in the Andes region in Esquel.


Trevelin’s  Birthday*

During  the  last  week  of  November –  on  24  November,  a walk/ride from School 18 to Craig Goch, the point from where Cwm Hyfryd was first seen in 1885 preceded by an asado/picnic sponsored by the town of Trevelin and the Rifleros  Society;  big  parade  in  the  town  on  25  and  a  Welsh  concert  in  the  evening; accommodation   in   the   Andes   region   in   Trevelin;   usually   lovely   early   summer weather.

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