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Nobody knows more ...

 About Us

Who are we?

Welsh Patagonia is a travel company based in Esquel in Patagonia and specialising in personalised tours of Welsh Patagonia for visitors with an interest in both the history of the Welsh in Patagonia, as well as its dramatic scenery, geology, palaeontology, natural wonders and wildlife.

Our emphasis is on sharing our knowledge and friends, seeing our beautiful Patagonia and having lots of fun.

The company is owned by Jeremy Wood, a well known international expert and author about the Welsh in Patagonia, and his wife Cristina, whose great grandparents emigrated from South Wales to Patagonia in the early 1870s, where their descendants have lived ever since. Their son Tomos, aged 12, is in training to become a guide!

What do we do?

Firstly, we advise. Whatever you want to know, just ask. We are the experts and nobody knows more. Whatever your question, there is no obligation. We are always delighted to help. If you would like to come to Welsh Patagonia, we can arrange all or part of your trip and recommend and organise a complete itinerary (hotels, transport, meals, meetings with the Welsh community, excursions and so on), but expect you to arrange your own flights.


We will give you all the known flight options (which change quite regularly – see the section Getting There) as well as contacts in your country with whom they can be booked. If you would just like us to make recommendations for where to go, stay, meet etc., just ask. If you would like to visit other parts of Argentina, we can also arrange this through our relationships with other reputable travel companies in Argentina.

 Jeremy has been involved with countless projects within the Welsh community over the years


We have a close relationship with the Welsh community

We have a track record of 100% happy customers over 15 years


Being based in Patagonia means lower customer costs and risks 

LOWER cost,
lOWER risk

Whatever your budget, we offer complete flexibility



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