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 Association the Welsh Community

Jeremy Wood is a member of the Welsh Society in Esquel and is on the main committee of the Welsh Society in Trevelin, where he is one of the principal fundraisers for the Welsh School, Ysgol y Cwm ( During 2015, he personally paid the annual salary of one of its teachers, Iwan Madog Jones, when the school's application to have him as their teacher for 2015 was rejected by the authorities in Wales. Jeremy was a founder member of Pwyllgor yr Andes, the committee formed to plan the 150th anniversary celebrations in the Andes in 2015 (now dissolved). During that year, he was honoured to be one of only 30 Patagonians chosen to re-enact in Porth Madryn on 28 July 2015 the landings of the first Welsh settlers.


He is an author (his new book about the murder of three Welshmen in Patagonia in 1884 is available on the Ysgol y Cwm website and all proceedings from the sale of the book go to the school), a regular speaker at international conferences about the Welsh in Patagonia, a contributor to newspapers and magazines (he is the Patagonia correspondent for Ninnau, the North American Welsh newspaper) and he has a special relationship with the BBC, where he has a contract to access the archives of the BBC for pre-1980 TV and radio material on Welsh Patagonia.


He was the fixer in the Andes for Huw Edwards Patagonia documentary made for the BBC.

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