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 2018 Wales Rugby Tour  

Wales Fans Support the Welsh Language in Patagonia

When the Welsh Rugby Union announced they were planning to play two test matches in Argentina in June, the Welsh communities in Patagonia became excited about the possibilities of one of the test matches being played in Patagonia, as it had been in 2006. Sadly, the Patagonian rugby unions in Trelew and Puerto Madryn couldn't afford the very high fees demanded nowadays to host an international test match and so both games were played in the north of Argentina.

However, anticipating that the Welsh fans wouldn't pass up an opportunity of visiting Welsh Patagonia during their trip to Argentina, the three Welsh schools in Patagonia got together to plan some events both to welcome the fans and to raise money in support of the Welsh language in Patagonia.

Jeremy Wood of Esquel, representing Ysgol y Cwm, travelled to Wales to meet with travel agents who were planning to take Welsh rugby fans to Argentina and to explain to them about the proposed welcome being laid on for the fans.

The outcome was that, on Tuesday 12 June, some 60 Welsh fans attended a noson lawen at Hen Gapel Bethel in Gaiman organised by the Welsh schools in Trelew and Gaiman and around two thousand dollars was raised, which was equally divided between the three schools.

Jeremy Wood presented Ysgol y Cwm's share of the money raised to the committee of the Welsh society in Trevelin, where it will be used in conjunction with the costs of the completion of the building of Ysgol y Cwm in Trevelin.

This was the first time that the three Welsh schools in Patagonia had worked together on a single project and, following its resounding success, it won't be the last.

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