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Updated Travel Advice

COVID and entering Argentina

The following rules came into effect on November 1, 2021:

Adults must be able to show proof of a double vaccination against COVID 19 dated at least two weeks prior to entry and issued by a state or national level body. They must also show a negative PCR COVID 19 test dated not more than 72 hours prior to entry.

All travellers must complete a sworn declaration at least 48 hours prior to arrival:

The form is in Spanish and English.

Non-resident foreign nationals must have medical insurance with comprehensive cover for COVID-19, including hospitalisation and the costs of self-isolation if required.

Adults who enter without proof of COVID 19 vaccination, but with a negative PCR COVID 19 test must isolate for 7 days upon arrival and undergo a negative PCR COVID 19 test on the seventh day.

Unvaccinated children under 18 are exempt from the above requirements, but may not participate in any group activity or attend any mass events for the first seven days.

Please check with your airline what checks you need to complete for your return journey from Argentina.

Please bring a good supply of COVID testing kits.

Travelling by road between Chile and Argentina

Please contact us for up to date information.

Changing Money

The Argentine peso is worthless outside Argentina. Inside Argentina, the official exchange rate to the US dollar is typically about half the unofficial rate. The Central Bank of Argentina has recently introduced a new scheme for foreign travellers to open a special account prior to arrival where they will be able to exchange their foreign currency within Argentina at a rate closer to the unofficial rate. This is an attempt to stop the flood of US dollars entering the unofficial market and to sell more Argentine pesos to bolster the national government’s US dollar reserves. It is unclear how this system will work outside the major cities where credit cards are seldom accepted and cash is king.

Bring clean and unmarked US dollar bills of recent issue. Never change them with anyone on the street. Your guide will be able to tell you how to get the best value for your dollars

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